Here they go again

Those who define themselves as sensitive, and inclusive, too often seek to exclude certain elements. Southerners who dare show any pride in their Confederate ancestors are a often a target of such “tolerance” as this story illustrates

ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – Many Texas Courthouses fly both the American and Texas flags, but the Anderson County Courthouse in Palestine now flies three. The third flag is the first Confederate flag. Anderson County Commissioners voted Monday to approve flying the flag. They declared April Confederate History and Heritage Month to honor those who fought the Civil War.

But, not everyone feels the flag represents just history.

The Anderson County Commissioners passed the Confederate History Resolution vote March 28th. So, today they kicked off the History and Heritage month by letting the Sons Of Confederate Veterans raise the first Confederate Flag, also known as the Stars and Bars, as a remembrance. Palestine NAACP President Kenneth Davidson, a Vietnam Veteran, doesn’t think of that flag that way.

He said,” I did not fight for this flag. This flag was hung over my people as they were hung. This flag was flying. So, how can you celebrate this and say this is for education for me. It’s not.”

Ronnie Hatfield with the Sons Of Confederate Veterans said,” I disagree with their view and what I see is a problem of lack of education. Not on their part because that’s all the schools offer is a biased point of education and a lot of the things that were truthful about the war are left out. And, when I was in school, U.S. History book had a whole chapter dedicated to the war in the states, and as it is today, there may be four pages.”

Davidson said,” I respect the United States flag and the Texas flag. I do not respect this flag. I served for the United States flag, I served for the Texas Flag. I served my country, but I did not serve for the Confederate flag. So, I had to turn my back because I do not respect this flag.”

Doug Smith, Palestine resident said,” We’re not conveying anything about a cause or anything like that, we’re simply honoring those that fought for what they believed in back in those days.”

“I just wish that the city of Palestine would come together as a community because this is going to start a lot more discrimination and hatred here because this flag is flying for a whole month,” Davidson added.

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Let this serve as an example to anyone who thinks the SCV dumping the battle flag in favor of the First National would in any way sate those who are constantly demeaning our ancestors. The flag in Anderson is the First national, and it is under attack, we must never back down from the bullies, we must support our heritage and seek to educate those who might find offense in that heritage.

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  1. FYI, the complaint in Palestine is that the flag is flying over a courthouse.

    Many counties fly the First National in historical context at markers and memorials without much complaint.

    Your commentary ignores the nature of the debate.

    • April was designated Confederate history month, that is why the flag was flown. Nothing wrong with that at all. The complaint was, as most on this issue are, a case of historical ignorance and a lack of tolerance.

  2. Mr. Davidson seems to forget that the Stars & Stripes flew over “slavery” for 200 years. Why does that flag not offend him? History totally ignores the large part Africans played in the slave trade. The African kings provided the slavers with all the slaves their ships could hold…for some cheap Jamacian rum and trinkets. Also, the Confederate flag never flew over a slave ship. It is well documented that thousands and thousands of Blace Southerners fought and served the Confederacy, another fact left out of the history books. Not all whites in the South owned slaves (less than 6%) and not all blacks were slaves…in fact, some of the largest slaves owners in the South were free blacks. The first suit to make a black slave was brought by a black man. So, black Americans may be the decendants of slave owners, not slaves. Mr. Davidson needs some sensitivity training.

    As to Bud Kennedy, is there not a monument to the Confederate soldiers on just about every courthouse in Texas? Your ignorance of history comes forth in everything you write. I am a decentant of 11 Confederate soldiers and am very proud of it. We will never retreat or turn on our heritage.

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